Dave and Margreet van der Oest

When you do business, it is mainly about who you do business with. Therefore, we would like to introduce ourselves to you in this way. We are Dave and Margreet van der Oest, the founders and owners of 3:16 Europe Distributors and several other (web)shops. It was back in 2008 that we had our humble beginnings, when we started our very first web store from the attic room in our home. That shop was Yssa.nl, which still exists today. In the years that followed that shop grew substantially, but the real big change came with the start of 3:16 Europe Distributors, back in 2016.

It is our personal desire to first of all serve Jesus Christ in our personal lives, but secondly also in and through what we do. We don’t view our work merely as a business, but also partially as a ministry. We serve the body of Christ by making all sorts of Christian products available to Christian book stores and consumers throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

Like many other companies, we have suffered great financial losses as well when Covid-19 hit, resulting in the fact that we had to let several of our staff members go. Thanks to the faithfulness of our God we’re still here today and still in business, while we’re quickly recovering from this awful season. As we move forward, things are becoming brighter again, just as God has promised. The best is yet to come.