Dropshipping from our warehouse to your client
More and more product sales are happening online these days, where customers can order what they want from the comfort of their own home. It is very interesting to have a web store these days, but the downside is having to keep an active stock. For some that is not affordable. As of now 3:16 Europe Distributors also offers dropshipping as a service to wholesale clients.

How does it work?
As a wholesale client you can use our entire offer on your own web store. When a client orders a product, they complete their order at your web store and pay their invoice to you. Then you can place the order in our web store, enter your client’s address as the shipment address and we’ll dropship it for you. We won’t mention our details on your shipment, so the order is really being fulfilled on your behalf. In this way you won’t need to have any stock or storage space.

There’s no need to pay for each dropship order separately. We’ll just send an invoice at the end of each month. Why make it complicated?

If you are a wholesale customer already, you can start using this service immediately. Are you not yet a client? Fill out the registration form, mentioned in the menu at the bottom, send it to us and we’ll set you up. Start expending your business and product range today!