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You can do all things with Jesus! Alone, you are capable of only so much, and the results of your toil will not bring eternal satisfaction. Because of Jesus Christ, you are redeemed, strengthened, and given hope, new life, and a purpose. Jesus is the key to eternity, and when He is in your life you need not worry over the past or fear for the future.
Our “Stand Strong in Christ” Men’s Necklace features three pendants on a 56 cm long chain, speaking to your multi-faceted faith. This necklace will remind you throughout the day of His presence and offer a beacon of hope for everyone you meet.
Ever wonder what makes ‘tough guys’ so tough? Real tough guys can admit they are filled with flaws, but Jesus gives them strength and renders them victorious. Philippians 4:13 says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” By His blood, you are saved. Jesus is the only key to salvation, and by His grace, you can stand strong.
Don’t keep this Good News under wraps! Carry the message of the cross with you. Kerusso’s popular Men’s Faith Gear Christian Necklaces are a great way to share your faith with others.
- Metal chain necklace with metal accent
- Color: Black/Silver
- Length: 56 cm

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